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at the age of 17, Hamish knew cutting & styling was his passion, so he began his apprenticeship as a barber spending his early years refining men’s cutting techniques and learning the importance of attention to detail. he further broaden his scope & skills by working at the top salons in Brisbane, Sydney & London, where he developed a strong reputation with his clients and peers.

Hamish's down-to-earth nature and his focus on real customer service attracted a team of highly-skilled talents where they had collectively changed the face and reputation of the industry in Australia.

during his time in Australia, he was the hair director  for Australian Idol, Australia's Next Top Model, MTV Australia Awards as well as the personal hair stylist to The Voice host Darren McMullen.

What job would you be terrible at?

anything that requires multi-tasking. I'm terrible at it!

How do you wind down?

Swimming is my meditation

Your Favourite Hangout Spot in HKG?

Anywhere I get to spend time with my beautiful wife.

If you were to get a new tattoo, what would it be?

Too much body hair for a tattoo. Sorry it’s the Greek in me! 

What do you do for fun?

Nothing beats hanging out with good friends. But usually anything that allows me creative expression. Cutting hair is fun for me! 

The best place to eat in Hong Kong is...

Big question. Too hard to choose. Could eat my way through this city and still find a new favourite. 

What's your poison?

Single Malt Whiskey

Describe in 3 words, your Cutting style:

Technical, Balanced, Controlled

What are you listening to?